Pelin Avcı, completed her high school education at the department of
Journalism Aydın Doğan High School. She began education of university at the
departmant Art History of Eskisehir Anatolia Universty in 2010. Then she did
transfer to Istanbul Universty and she graduated in 2014. Avcı, continue
master’s program at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Universty. She did internship at the
culture and arts news department of Hurriyet Newspaper. She worked for Iznik
History Tile Oven Excavation in 2012, Yoros Castle Search Excavation in 2015.
Since 2015 she has been working at the Tradional Arts Association as project


Tolga Aydın graduated from departmant Art History of Istanbul Universty in
2014. He completed his second universty education at the departmant history
of Istanbul Universty in 2015. He began master’s program at the Uludag
Universty in 2016. He worked for Edirne Yeni Saray Excavation in between
2012-2013. Since 2014 he has been working in Amasya Harsena Castle and
Kızlar Palace Excavation.


She was born in 1989 in Istanbul. Gülsüm Türkmen received his high school education at Cemberlitas Anatolian High School. He completed his undergraduate education at Istanbul University, Department of Art History. Following his undergraduate education, he completed his Pedagogical Formation training. During this period, he worked as a student assistant at the Department of Fine Arts and Art History at Istanbul University. 2009-2010 Iznik Tile Kilns Excavation has been working in Yoros Castle Excavation since 2012 and in Inventory and Field Works in Küçükçekmece Bathonea Excavations since 2016. He holds a Master’s Degree in “Byzantine Ceramic Art” at Istanbul University’s Department of Art History and continues his Sociology Education. In addition, he is doing Educational Counseling at a private college.


Serap Yılmaz, graduated from Departmant Art History of Eskisehir Anatolia
Universty in 2010. She worked as a teacher. She completed her master’s
program at the departmant faculty of Architecture of Uludag Universty in 2017.
Now she continue second master’s program about Medical History and Ethics
of Medicine at the Uludag Universty.


Eda Selimoğlu, completed her high school education at the Aydın Doğan High
School department of Radio/Cinema/Television. She graduated from
department journalism of Istanbul Universty in 2014. She has been contunie
education Brand Communication at the Anatolia Universty. She did internship
as assistant producer at the Doğan Tv Center in 2010. She worked at the İÜHA
(Istanbul Universty News Agency) as correspondent in 2013. Selimoğlu, worked for Fibabanka A.Ş as Corporate Marketing Communication in between 2015-
2016. She played an active role for works of Tradional Arts Association as
volunteer. Now, she has been working as freelance copywriter and public
relations manager.


Fatma Karaca Meşe, began her career on journalism at the department
journalism of Macka Akif Tuncel High School. She graduated from department
journalism of Istanbul Universty in 2015. She did internship at the Sabah
Newspaper in 2008 and at the Doğan Burda Media Group in 2009. She worked
as a producer at the Artı 1 Tv in 2012. She took up the offer from Dogan Burda
Media Group and then she return as editor in 2013. Since that day she has
been writing many articles and interviews at the teen magazines, health & gym
magazines, women & baby magazines. Also she continues professional career
at the digital media advertisements in Pureads Digital.


Umut Kardaşlar graduated from departmant art history of Ege Universty in
2014. He began his pofessional career at the department culture
Aydın/Kusadasi Town Hall in 2014. He worked for many restoration. “Kuşadası
Güvercinada Balaenoptera Physalus Skeleton” is one of them. Now he
continue master’s program at Ege Universty and working for excavation of
Kusadasi Kadikalesi/Anaia.