• The development of the history of art in Turkey and make projects for the protection of cultural heritage in order to contribute to the expansion.
  • Art history is under the main science branch; to enable and enhance the activities under the headings of all (including architecture, painting, sculpture, handicrafts, music, performing arts, etc.) covering the historical evolution of visual arts.
  • To organize scientific meetings such as congresses, symposiums, panels, conferences, seminars, contests, to provide documentation and information in order to develop art history researches.
  • To be engaged in interdisciplinary research and projects by providing communication with art historians, archaeologists, architects, guides, museums, restorers, conservators and other related social sciences (historians, sociologists, etc.).
  • By international activities abroad, that association or organization with partners in the project to make visible the cultural and arts heritage come together in Turkey.
  • To make announcements, magazines, newsletters, digital publications, internet activities and similar publications to establish continuous communication between the members.
  • To establish a bridge between art graduates or students who work in the field of art history. Provide support in the proper employment of experts in the field.
  • Search for non-domestic funds for the preservation and repair work of old artifacts and sites that need to be protected by law. In addition, consulting and initiatives in these issues to ensure that the relevant public or private institutions to act.